Group Participation

Good evening everyone,

The web site’s move to WordPress may seem to be an inconvenience, though it is going to be an improvement as far as the ability for users to interact.  With WordPress, people can register as a user and comment on posts as well as “Follow” to get posts to show up in their WordPress Reader.  Also, you can add the RSS feed to your own reader if you want to be able to follow the page from a reader.  For those who don’t know what RSS is, it is Really Simple Syndication.  You can just grab the link “” and add it to your own reader to follow along with your other blogs.  Also this link is on the right side bar labeled “Entries RSS”.

We think using WordPress will be an improvement in the long haul.  Also, if anyone would like the ability to post on this page, we can give permissions to do so if you have announcements to make.  On behalf of our Trustee, W5QO, welcome to the new site and be patient as it will be changing over time.

Paul, K5GLH

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