Interrupted Service Due To Tornado

On May 31st, 2013 there were several tornadoes that came through the Oklahoma City metro area. One of those missed the repeater site by 1 1/2 miles.  This tornado caused damage to utility infrastructure and so most of the utilities at the repeater site are experiencing intermittent electricity, phone and Internet service.  The repeaters are off and on and the IRLP nodes are less dependable than the actual repeaters. For example, as I type this post, the repeater site does have electricity but the Internet is down.  This leaves the repeaters online but the IRLP nodes are offline.  They will be on as soon as we can get them.

I know there have been countless attempts by people around the country trying to dial in through IRLP and Echolink to learn about the local tornado outbreaks that we’ve had.  We welcome those calls but at the moment, the Internet has not been available due to power line damage in the area.  Please keep checking and we’ll have everything back on as soon as possible.


Paul, K5GLH

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