146.7 MHz Repeater Partially Fixed

I just wanted to update you on the status of the 146.7 MHz repeater. The original problem that we had where someone could key up the node without keying the repeater has been fixed. Right now there is an issue where if a local person keys up that repeater while connected to another node or reflector, the carrier detection, COS (carrier operated squelch) does not drop immediately. The result is that someone on the other end  hear about three seconds of dead air after the local person ends their transmission.  We have ordered a device that should fix this problem.  The board will cause the COS to drop immediately the moment someone unkeys.  This  issue only affects our powerful 146.7 repeater and not any of the backups.  This repeater is a different model and so this unique problem presented itself after fixing the other problem related to someone being able to talk on the node without keying the repeater.

This problem was the result of our IRLP board being tapped at a location in the repeater that had a COS present regardless of the presence of a PL tone or not.  We have now rewired it to a new location where there is only a COS when there is a local signal AND a PL tone present.  The moment that either of those disappear, the COS drops.  Once we get this new board installed, it will vastly improve the performance.  Keep an ear open to the changes.

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