New Domain

Obviously if you are reading this, you know we have a new domain for our site.  This is due to several reasons, chiefly that our club is now delcityARS instead of delcityARC.  The old web site was due for renewal and this was as good a time as any.  Secondly our old domain host was going to cost too much to renew considering the fact that sequestration has now led to furloughs and we are going to be short of money for a while.  There was no way we were going to renew the old domain anyway and the circumstances allowed us to transfer to the new domain for a fraction of the cost.  This new site is being hosted on so it will no longer have files hosted for us to download.  If a time arises that we need to upload something for people to download, we can share it publicly on Google Drive and then post a link to it from this site.  This should allow us to keep the web site up without incurring charges beyond what is necessary during this financially difficult time.

As time allows we will update the announcements on the repeaters to reflect the new web sites.  I will update the address on on our Facebook and Google+ pages as well.  Keep an eye open to this site for future updates.

Thank you,

Paul, K5GLH

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