Repeater Back on the Air

Today, July 10, 2013, W5QO got the more powerful 146.7 MHz, two meter repeater back on the air with the IRLP node working the way it should.  There were several problems, with the biggest being that the node was hearing people talking into it even though the repeater was not.  The incoming signal was coming into the IRLP node regardless of the presence of a PL tone or not.  If the correct PL tone was not present, the repeater would not transmit however, the node was hearing them.  Someone in the Oklahoma City area was talking on the repeater without a PL tone so they were not being heard over the repeater.  They had a poor signal and was not legible on the IRLP node, resulting in our node being blocked from the WIN System.  Once we discovered what the problem was, we found that we were tapping the carrier operated squelch (COS) from a spot that was getting a signal regardless of the presence of a PL tone.

That problem was corrected and then another problem reared its head.  The COS at the new location was slow to drop resulting in a noisy squelch tail at the end of every transmission.  Paul Sr, W5QO, ordered an RLC-MOT board that once installed, fixed the problem.  Now the repeater works very well and the squelch issue is fixed.  Thanks to W5QO for his hard work and troubleshooting skills.  He once again came through on getting this repeater up to speed.  Both the 443.3 repeater and the 146.7 are serviceable.

Hopefully it will run a long time without flaws.

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