Eleven Years Old

Can you believe it? Our ham radio club/society has been in existence for eleven years.  On September 4th, 2002 our club came into existence with the arrival of IRLP node 8440. That was the first IRLP node in central Oklahoma and is still in existence today.  Now we have two repeaters, 146.7 MHz and 443.3 MHz and one simplex IRLP/EchoIRLP node on 445.95 MHz.  It is difficult to believe that an experiment that was nothing more than an excuse to kill some time while KE5APB was spending time in the hospital with her mother that was sick at the time.  It was at this time when K5GLH was playing around with an iLink node, later turned Echolink, then even later became IRLP.  Our second node 3867 signed on the air in November 2002.  Our simplex node signed on the air April 2011 so that K5GLH could reach the repeaters via a hand held radio from the new QTH near I-40 and Choctaw Road. 

We appreciate all the participation and usage from the local Oklahoma City area over the last eleven years.  Hopefully we’ll be on the air much longer.

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