Simplex IRLP Node 7734

IRLP Node 7734

Today I replaced the node computer for my Simplex IRLP node 7734.  Above you can see it fully assembled. Forgive the vintage 1932 model monitor. It really doesn’t need a monitor since I administer the node remotely.  On top you can see the DC power supply and the link radio.  It is currently hooked up simplex but can be set up on repeater at a later time. This would involve hooking the control and audio directly to the repeater controller.

IRLP Node 7734

In this picture you can see that it is not very complex. Just an old computer that use to run Windows XP and now runs Debian 7.1 (Wheezy). as shown below…

IRLP Node 7734
I just downloaded this Debian iso today so it is the most current as of this time.  Right now the node is in a basic setup with no custom scripts of any kind. I will add some over time but today I just wanted to get it up to speed.

IRLP Node 7734


This picture shows the back of the computer with nothing attached.  I mainly took these pictures so that later I could reference them remotely when the computer is out of my hands and I have to tell someone over the phone or over the radio what is connected to what :) .

IRLP Node 7734


In this picture you can see the cables connected.  This way the person physically at the site can have a visual reference of where things should be connected.  By having this available online, the pictures can be seen from the phone at remote locations.  Right now you have to be pretty close to the node as in a couple miles to be able to use it.  It is currently located behind the Thunder Travel Plaza (Pilot) truck stop at I-40 and Choctaw Road.  It is on simplex 445.95 MHz with a PL tone of 162.2.  I installed it mainly so that I could reach our repeaters in Del City with an H.T. from inside my house. Since I moved so far to the East, it is difficult to reach with an H.T.  You can use it if you are close enough to reach it.  All of the functions that are on the other two repeaters/nodes will be added to this one as well.  This node uses my own call sign, K5GLH, instead of the club call W5DEL because it is a remote node several miles away.

I plan on installing a Twitter script that will tweet status updates and if it works well, I will install it on the other two nodes as well.

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