Audio Settings

The IRLP nodes have been off for a while but now back on.  On several occasions recently we’ve had the quality of our nodes questioned by individuals on reflectors.  While this would ordinarily be irritating, they were right.  We’ve been busy or just plain lazy in our taking the time to get the audio levels right after repairing the repeaters or nodes that over time they have become out of tune.  We finally got both repeaters tuned back up and so the audio levels are correct.

One thing that we, +Paul McCord Sr. (W5QO) and +Paul L. McCord Jr. (K5GLH) have learned over time is that “sound quality” is subjective at best when not using instruments to measure them.  When setting audio settings on nodes, you must use instruments to do so because doing it by ear means that you are relying on someone’s poor quality hearing.  We never know the background of the person giving the critique and so we have no idea if the person has poor quality hearing, relatively speaking.

Our nodes are now back in alignment in terms of audio settings.  Hopefully things will be better than they were before.  Just let us know at if you have issues.


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