New Logo

We have been using the same club logo since 2002 and so I thought I would change it up a bit.  If you have any suggestions on changes other than what I have done, let me know and I will do some experiments.  First, I would like to explain the color scheme.  Del City High School is very prominent in the community and their colors are red, white and black.  These colors were selected for our logo as well.  In this first example you can see the red version of the Facebook cover photo.
Facebook Cover Photo Red
I had to leave an opening on the bottom left corner to make room for the profile picture.  That is why everything is over to the right and top. In the one below, you see it is the same version except the call sign is black instead of red.
Facebook Cover Photo Black
I added external shadows and an outer glow to the call sign since it goes over the eagle’s head.  The black on black would not show up so well if I had not done that.
Google Plus Cover Photo
In this picture above, you see the Google Plus logo and I only made a black version of that.  Google Plus has a different dimension requirement so I had to change things up a bit. Simply making the image larger would not have been enough because the aspect ratio difference would have made it look lopsided.
Social Network Profile
In this final image, you can see that it is a square dimension and is used for a profile picture on the various social networking sites. Honestly, I am not comfortable on that one yet so I will likely change it.  In fact, all of these are open for adjustment or even replacement if people think there are better options.

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