Choice of Facebook Page, Group or Just Web site

I created a Facebook Group today because I was not sure if people prefer a Facebook page or group.  Having a Facebook Page is nice but it just allows people to “like” the page and post comments to posts that the admin posts.  Individuals that are not admins cannot post on the main page. If they post on the page, it shows up on a secondary tab on the left and many times, people never see it.

The Facebook Page can be found here…

With a Facebook Group, individuals can post directly on the page starting a new topic.  They are not restricted to commenting on a post that the admin posts.  The downside of a Group is that you have to join and be approved by another member.  The Facebook Group can be found here…

The other option is to just use a normal web site or blog.  The problem with that is that many people interact through social networks and don’t have a clue on how to comment on a blog.  While I am posting this on a blog, many people don’t know how or just prefer not to log into a blog to respond.  Blogs sometimes don’t get the amount of interaction from its readers than a social network does.  A permanent web site is important though because it is an address where a person or business can be found. Social networks come and go so people can get lost. 

Many people just post to the blog and then share that post to the social network. That is what we have been doing here.  We would like to know whether people prefer a Facebook Page with the restrictions that come listed above or if people prefer a Facebook Group.

Of course we do also have a Google+ account that can be found here…

We also have a Twitter account that can be found here…

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