Another Step Closer

IMG_2143 (1)// our attempt to get the repeaters back online full time, we (W5QO) has ordered and received a new Raspberry Pi IRLP node for the 443.3 repeater.  We did not keep our old node number for this node.  You may remember our node number was 8440 but now it is 4122.  They sent us a new node already programmed so it had a node number assigned. We could have kept restored the number but decided not to.  The new IRLP node was put into service on August 19th, 2015.  This morning, I disabled the timeout timer and reconnected it to the WIN System to do a trial run over the weekend.  If it does well, we’ll keep it connected full time like we use to.  This repeater was intended to be a full time WIN System node and is an affiliate of the WIN System.  Due to the never ending overheating of the nodes being stored in a hot place, we kept them turned off.  With these new nodes, they are small enough and consume a mere five watts of power meaning we can keep them running full time. IRLP node 4122//

At the end of the month we are going to order a second node to replace 3867 on the 146.7 repeater. We will have both IRLP and Echolink on that node.  We chose not to install Echolink on the 4122 node because it was intended to be full time connected to the WIN System.  It will also be left on for people to use. We have a few people that have offered to be control operators that can monitor them.  We reserve the right to disable the nodes if there are no available control operators.  This is because we are responsible for their operation so there must be someone to monitor them while they are connected.  It will be exciting to get the repeaters and nodes back in full service after going several years of sporadic service.

After this project is done, I would like to set up the streaming audio once again where you can listen to the 146.7 repeater on a mobile app, or on the web.  This should be an easy setup, but we can only afford to do so many projects at a time.  It will cost about $100.00 to get the streaming audio back online.  If you are unfamiliar with how to use the nodes, please refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more information.

We appreciate your patience in setting up these systems.  I will give status updates at each stage in the set up process.

Paul, K5GLH

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