New IRLP Node Ordered for 146.7

Our 443.3 repeater and IRLP node is online now working smoothly.  As you may have read in previous posts, we replaced the IRLP node with a new Raspberry Pi, or PiRLP node. We even decided to go with a new node number dropping the old 8440 and replacing it with 4122.  We could have re-used the 8440 but chose not to so that we could have a new start.  The same goes for the 146.7 repeater.  Our Trustee, W5QO has ordered a new IRLP/Echolink node built on Raspberry Pi for the 146.7 repeater and it should be back on the air within the next week or so.  The repeater is on but the node is off. Our new node number for the 146.7 repeater will be 3013.

With this new setup, it will be able to be run from an air conditioned environment so they repeaters and nodes will be able to stay on the air and not be turned off when it gets hot outside.  This morning our new 4122 was temporarily blocked from the WIN System due to our CW ID going back onto the link.  It has been fixed but interestingly enough, the problem was built right into the board.  The new Raspberry Pi nodes have a built in CW ID, separate from the one on the repeater.  Well it was discovered that when connected to a node, that ID goes back into the link. I disabled that ID a while ago so it would  not be an issue.  It is not needed on a repeater anyway because the repeater has its own.  The IRLP CW would be handy if it were being operated in a simplex mode. Hopefully this clears up a few things.

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