New IRLP node Has Arrived for 146.7 MHz Repeater

We received the package in the mail this weekend for the new node and so we’ll have it installed this week.  As we’ve mentioned before, these nodes are being run on Raspberry Pi computers so they will use a fraction of the power that we were using before and just as importantly, they will be using a fraction of the space.  This means that we will not need to run them in the unheated building where they have to be turned off most of the time.  We are hopeful that we’ll have it set up by mid week, give or take.

Like we said before, we could have reused the same node numbers we had before but chose to get a fresh start.  The 146.7 repeater will be IRLP node 3013 and the 443.3 repeater is now node 4122.  We’ll update all of our literature and pages to match the new node numbers.  Keep an ear open this week and you should be hearing some changes.


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