Info about 146.7 Repeater

Seems like the cold sensitive spot in the 146.7 MHz repeater power amplifier has been reached transmit. The exciter still transmits and if you are within a block or two of the repeater, you can still hear it coming back to you.  This is a known issue, likely a cold solder joint that fixes itself when it warms up.  The 443.3 repeater is still working though it doesn’t have the range of the 146.7.  If you are kerchunking the repeater wondering why it is not coming back to you, be assured, the repeater IS hearing you and transmitting.  It is transmitting with milliwatts so you can’t hear it unless you are very close.
This is an issue that we’ve known about for a long time but due to lack of time to troubleshoot, we’ve let it go.  We could replace the repeater with one of the back ups but none of them have the clear audio that this one has.  We may still do it but that hasn’t been determined.  If the temperature warms back up to about 40 degrees, it will fix itself. You can continue over this afternoon and tomorrow and the repeater will likely reach a temperature where it will begin transmitting.
That streaming audio is coming from a scanner at a remote spot, about two miles from the repeater site so it will also not hear the repeater but it is still streaming.  If you were to transmit on simplex on 146.7 MHz, you would probably hear yourself coming in over the streaming audio.
Just wanted to give an update.

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