Del City ARS Facebook Group

Good evening everyone,

We have a closed Facebook Group that we welcome you to join when you have time.  The address for this group can be found here…

Why is it closed?  First, understand that closed does not mean exclusive. Closed just means that you have to be a member before you can see the posts and membership is open to anyone that wants to join.

If anything, it is not only NOT exclusive, but rather more inclusive because on a Facebook Group, your posts appear front and center under your own name.  Unlike a Facebook Page where only admins can post and non admins can only comment on the admins posts.  A non admin can post to a Group where everyone sees it under your own name.

We’ve found that Facebook Groups get far more interaction than “Pages”. For months, we’ve been posting the same content to both the Page and the Group and found that more than 90% of the time, there is more engagement in the Group.  Also, the Group has more non solicited input from users than the Page.  We will continue to carry both the Page and the Group for an indefinite time but feel that the Group is better for the majority of users.

While the Group does require you to click the “JOIN GROUP”, it will be approved as soon as it is noticed.  By all means, come join us.

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