Echolink on Google Earth

Just wanted to let everyone know that Echolink on Linux now allows reporting location just like IRLP does and we’ve enabled this on our 146.7 MHz repeater.  This repeater, Echolink node 164667, now reports locations on Google Earth and can be found either on the Echolink status page shown here, or by downloading the Google Earth .kmz file located here.

Once you download the file, you can click on it and it will launch Google Earth and show every Echolink node in the World on the map just like IRLP does with theirs located here.  It is very handy if you want to see where nodes are around the world on both systems.

One note to remember, when you click on the file and Google Earth launches, it will put it in a temporary spot where it will automatically discard when you close Google Earth. If you want to permanently save these locations, just go on the left side of the menu when Google Earth is open and drag the Echolink nodes link up into your permanent saved places.  It works really well and we’ve been using this for years on the IRLP side.  Once again, if you want to use  the nodes but don’t know the codes, just send an email to club at delcityars dot com (the correct form of an email address) and ask for the codes and we’ll give them to you.

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