Our Trustee, W5QO


The last couple of days has really been tiresome and worrisome for our family. My dad, W5QO called me the night before last complaining of chest pains.  I took him to the hospital and they almost immediately noticed a V-Tac (ventricular tachycardia) for 23 beats.  They admitted him and later found some “cardiac markers” or enzymes showing up on blood test.  They ran a second test and the numbers were even higher.  They decided to do a “cath” and see if he had any blockages. It was discovered that he had one artery that was 99% blocked and another that was 50% blocked. They were able to successfully install two stints to help alleviate the blockages and and as of now he is recovering.

At first both he and I thought it was just anxiety.  It has been a rough couple of days with very little sleep for him or any of the rest of the family.  Please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers as he needs God’s healing.  He is a good man and I have already lost my mom.  He has been in very good health up until this event.  I just wanted to post an update to those that may be asking.  He is in very good hands at St. Anthony Hospital. We’ve never had anything but good experiences with that hospital and this time has been no different.  Special thanks to Justin, KB5LHM for the visit yesterday.  Thank you for those that have been praying and asking about him.


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