New Tower and Antenna for 146.7 MHz

It has been a long time building to this point but the 146.7 MHz repeater has been moved over to the new tower located about 50 feet to the SW of the old one :).

The old tower was 50 feet tall with a 20 foot DB-224 antenna on top making it 70 feet above the ground.  It has served us well over the years but now is on a brand new 92 foot tall Rohn 55G tower with a brand new 20 foot DB-224E antenna. It also has brand new 7/8 inch hard line feeding the antenna.


In the first picture you can see the tower from down the street before the antenna is installed.


In the second picture you can see the climber was pulling up the coax in the top photo.


This is the non magnified view from the ground.


In this photo you can see the hard line coax laying on the ground with the mounting hardware installed on it.

We’ve had some good preliminary reports so far from far NW Edmond, Eastern Oklahoma County and SW Oklahoma City.  In a month we are going to have a brand new DB-420 antenna installed at 92 feet for the 443.3 MHz repeater.  We hope this will improve its signal and we are confident that it will considering how poorly it is connected at the moment.  Please post any comments you have on any experiments that  you try either on our blog or on our Facebook Page or Group.

Again, if  anyone wants the connect and disconnect codes for either of the nodes, just send an email requesting them to club [at]

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