443.3 MHz W5DEL Repeater


What a busy year it has been.  Today at 12:24 PM, the 443.3 MHz repeater signed on the new DB-420 antenna at 96 feet on the new tower.  It is our desire to make this repeater our full time WIN System repeater like it was back in 2010 when K5GLH took his tower down to facilitate the sale of his house.  Now the 146.7 MHz repeater is at 113 feet elevation, also on the new tower.  This has been very costly and time consuming over the last year.


Since we’ve struggled to find someone to climb the tower and install the antennas, this project was a bit delayed but we finally got it done. Our Trustee, W5QO would have done it himself had the rest of us begged him not to.


We hired a tower climber that has experience with this and he was very good. If anyone needs tower work, we can set you up with a guy that is good, quick and does a very professional job.


In this picture we have the tower with the 146.7 repeater antenna installed while the climber pulls the 443.3 repeater up.  We are thrilled to have this installed once and for all.  I hope you are able to reach them from your location.


In this picture you can see the antenna going up the tower.  We could not have asked for a better day to do this. It started out as a nice cool 52 degrees and was a comfortable 76 by the time it was complete.  The wind was very light and there were very few hiccups in this process.   There are over 400 pictures in our Flickr album from the time we picked up the tower sections until complete.  You can view the entire album here.

This tower project started as K5GLH was looking for some tower sections for his own use. He found someone on Craigslist that had 14 sections but he only wanted five sections.  W5QO wanted the remaining nine sections and over the last year has built and install the tower.  Today is an exciting day to see this project complete. Thank you for your patience.

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