Echolink Added to 443.3 MHz

Good afternoon and Happy New Year!

Today we added Echolink or better named EchoIRLP to the node on 443.3 MHz.  Previously we had no need to put Echolink on this node because used it as a full time WIN System repeater.  While you can still connect to the WIN System at any time, we no longer leave it connected 24 hours a day.  This is because there are not enough control operators to monitor it 24 hours a day.

If you are looking on the Windows Echolink software, you will see the 443.3 MHz repeater listed as W5DEL-L.  They will not let you have more than one repeater with the -R suffix so we used the -L which would normally be a simplex node.  Despite the -L suffix, it is a full duplex repeater.  The new node ECHOLINK node number for this repeater is 794636 if you are trying to dial in remotely.  If you have the operating manual, the instructions are the same on dialing an Echolink node on the 443.3 MHz repeater as it is the 146.7 MHz repeater. We have also changed the location in Echolink to show Oklahoma City instead of Del City. This was done so that people not living in the area would know where the nodes are located. Most people are unaware that Del City is a suburb of Oklahoma City.

We are working on a 2017 manual to give out to our users. Once complete, we will email a pdf version to each person as long as those on our roster have current email addresses.

To summarize the node numbers, the 146.7 MHz repeater is both IRLP node 3013 and Echolink node 164667.  The 443.3 MHz repeater is both IRLP node 4122 and Echolink node 794636.

Thank you,

Del City Amateur Radio Society, W5DEL

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