APRS Objects

This week we added Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) object scripts to both of our IRLP nodes.  This adds an object to the map showing IRLP-4122 and IRLP-3013 at the tower site on the map. The negative side to this is that both objects are on top of each other.  We have set them to beacon at different times so that each one will be dominant at different times.  The 146.7 MHz repeater, IRLP-3013 is set to beacon once every 10 minutes while the 443.3 MHz, IRLP 4122 is set to beacon every 15 minutes.  Since they both show up on top of each other on the map, you really can’t read the text.

To alleviate the two nodes being stacked on top of each other we moved node 3013 one slightly to the North so that they show up beside each other vertically instead of stacked on top of each other.We noticed there were some stations up in Canada that were doing it this way. Now when you look at them on aprs.fi, you will see the two nodes on the map with IRLP-3013 slightly North of IRLP-4122, even though both of them are on the same tower.

When you click on them, they show the repeater frequency, offset, PL tone and our web site.  Hopefully this will help those traveling through to be able to locate our IRLP nodes.  We couldn’t show the Echolink nodes simply because there was not enough space to show them. Our web sites reflect them so people should still be able to find them.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

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