Information Requests

Over the years we’ve received countless requests for information, access codes, etc. I’ve written so many emails in response that I can’t even guess on the amount. Due to lack of time, disorganization and just plain laziness, I’ve never taken the time to put all of this information together in a repeatable form. We use to ask people when they would contact us if we could put their name on our membership list. That list has been many versions of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that has moved from one website to another.

We are no taking a more direct approach with a new membership request form on our site, as shown above in the menu. Also you can access it by clicking here. This form allows you to enter your information and we can archive that for future communications. We don’t want people’s information for any other reason than to communicate with members. When I say members, I mean anyone that wishes to use our systems. If you do enter information into our form, it will be added to our site. According to their terms of service, this information will not be used for signing you up for other sites or services, or used for advertising. Its sole purpose is to communicate with you.

We’ve never required membership dues, or attendance of monthly meetings. It is not that we’re opposed to that sort of thing, but rather, we are more informal than most clubs. If you want the truth, this is mainly so that we don’t have elections that would kick those out of office that own the equipment, and lose access to the equipment. As you may know, there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment tied up in our systems.

We’ve never had meetings or nets simply because we are too lazy or too uncomfortable leading these events. If you would like to have these type of events, and you are willing to lead them, we are not opposed to them. We do hope that most of you will choose to fill out our request form so that we can know who is interested, or cares about our radio services, or events. Let those around you know so that interested parties can update their information.

Thank you!


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