Welcome to Del City Radio Club (AMATEUR RADIO) Section

Allstar Link Node status 468100 (Supermon) and 468101 (Supermon)

IRLP Node status 3277

Welcome to our club website. For those not familiar with Del City, we are part of the Oklahoma City metro area. This club was founded because of the interest in using new technologies to enhance amateur radio. We are in agreement with those that say computers and radio can work together and are REAL ham radio.  This is not to say that we feel it is superior to HF or even VHF-FM Simplex.  We embrace all new technologies to enhance radio. Almost every new HF radio on the market has some sort of micro-processor(s) built into them.  We use APRSIRLPEcholinkDMRSystem FusionD-StarAllstar, or any new technology to enhance the use of radio, whether HF, VHF, UHF or microwave. We embrace using amateur radio for high speed data networks such as or AREDN.

The Oklahoma City area is a diverse one. We have amateurs of all types. Some love CW, while others only operate 2 meter voice simplex. Our area of interest is digital modes as well as voice.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary of our founding on 4 September 2022. On August 9, 2012 we changed our name from Del City Amateur Radio Club to Del City Amateur Radio Society. On 9 January 2021 we changed our name to Del City Radio Club to include other services along with our amateur radio. Our organization embraces new technologies and welcomes changes. If you have any relevant links or information to add then please let us know.


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Our Trustee, Paul McCord Sr, W5QO

Our President, Paul McCord Jr, K5GLH

Our Vice President, Michael McCord, WX5DEL

Our Treasurer, Sunday McCord, KE5APB