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Welcome to my page on the web! I’ve had a web presence since 1995. A few times I’ve thought of giving it up due to the prevalence of social networking sites but as time goes on, I don’t trust those sites as they tend to censor what I want to say. Not that I have anything nefarious to say but just not comfortable with that type of policy.

Recently, January 2021, I’ve decided to merge all of my online sites into one because it just gets too expensive paying for multiple domains and hosting providers. I settled on piggy backing on our Del City Radio Club site instead of paying for my own. With the events of the last year and a half, and the unrest going on, I prefer being more low key.

Rather than having a page to post my views on the world as in the past, I find it is better to keep that to myself, and share some hobby information as well as shortcuts for myself to get to the sites that interest me. Enjoy the links on this page and if I am missing something relevant, please let me know at paul [dot]mccord[at]gmail[dot]com. and I will try to add it.

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