Our club has been pointed out as being different because we are the “linking” club. Many times that is used as a derogatory term. Our repeaters from the very beginning have had voice over internet protocol (VoIP) links into various systems such as iLink, Echolink, Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP), Allstar Link and finally digital WIRES-X. Our two repeaters are

  • 146.700 MHz, -600 kHz, CTCSS 103.5
  • 443.300 MHz, +5 MHz, CTCSS 103.5
    • Digital and analog FM, System Fusion (C4FM)
    • WIRES-X (node 33521)

We have one WIRES-X node on 443.300 MHz. We have both IRLP and Echolink on 146.700 MHz. We also have two Allstar Link nodes that are online but not currently attached to a repeater. We are able to log into them using the Zoiper app on mobile devices. All of these Internet gateways are shown in the table below.

WIRES-X Node List
WIRES-X Room List
WIRES-X Node 33521
AllstarLink Node ListAllStarLink node 468100AllStarLink node 468101
IRLP Node ListIRLP Node 3277
Echolink Node ListEcholink Node 164667
ZelloW5DEL CH01

Hamshack Hotline 61000000768 K5GLH

We know that VoIP is not for everyone. We’ve all heard the mantra “That’s not real radio!” Our club is not the traditional amateur radio club. We like to experiment with new technologies and include other services. Our desire to mix radio with computers is what makes us different.


We have two channels that are designed toward clean family safe and work safe environments. They automatically default to moderated where the first time you speak, only a moderator can hear you until you are “trusted in”. Once trusted in, all users can hear you. To add them to your Zello mobile, just tap the three bars on the top left, and then tap channels. Click on the blue button that shows silhouettes of people. Select “Scan QR code” and then it will open the camera. Just point your camera at the QR codes below. Alternatively you can select “Find a channel” an in the search box, type “W5DEL RADIO CH 01” through “02”. Once on the channels, click “Add”. If you cannot find an admin to “trust you in”, just send an email to club [at] delcityradioclub [dot] com and request to be trusted into W5DEL RADIO channels.

If you have a radio service call sign, whether it be ham radio, GMRS, FRS, PMR, CB, please use it. If you don’t have one and would like one of our channel assigned WR#### call signs, just speak up to someone in the group and request one and we’ll create you one. Since none the channels are connected via radio frequency (RF), no license is required.

The WR call signs are assigned in numerical order but if you would like a specific one, just let us know and we’ll see if it is available. Please register a WR call sign before using one so that we don’t accidentally have two people using the same call sign. An alternative would be a family member of a GMRS license holder. The FCC allows a single call sign to be used by family members. You can both use the same call sign and add a suffix such as “unit 1” and “unit 2” to distinguish between each other.


Our Telegram channel can be found by opening the app on your phone and on the top search line, you type Del City Radio Club“. There is two rooms. One is a channel for broadcasting only and there is a DCRC Chat room that can have two way communications both by text and also by voice.

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