Cox Outage Map


Just in case any of you were wondering why our streaming audio is on and off and on again, this map should help explain.  Apparently the ice storm has really had an impact on the Cox High Speed Internet infrastructure.

To be honest, our Internet has been pretty flaky since the last ice storm right after Thanksgiving.  Since we are on the East side of the city, and our storm impact was minimal, we are left scratching our heads to the problems. It appears that the ice storm was far worse on the West side of the city than it was over here in Del City.

Cox does not have their own outage map but I found this on a site shown here…

While this is getting very old fast, we are trying to remind ourselves of the horrible infrastructure issues they must be having on the West side.  My Internet is completely down at the moment and I am having to post this by tethering my phone to the Desktop.  We hope to have the system back up fully soon.  The repeaters are at a separate location and the Internet is acting up there as well.  We tried connecting to the WIN System yesterday and the packet loss was terrible.  Later we connected to the ARES VoIP net and it worked flawlessly.  Obviously the problem is intermittent and not on our end.  Just keep checking back with the streaming audio and if it is up, then our Internet is up, if it is down, then our Internet is down.

Thanks again for your patience.

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