Moved to Facebook Group

Good morning,

We have decided to move our Facebook experience exclusively to a Group instead of a Page. You can join our Facebook Group by going to the following URL  For the last few years, we’ve had both a Facebook Page and a Group because the vast majority of people were on the Page but we preferred to use the Group.  Facebook Pages are more geared toward celebrities and news outlets where they post news and everyone else reads or makes comments on those posts. No one can post on a Page except for the owner.  On a Facebook Group, anyone can join and anyone can post with their own name prominently where everyone can see it.  If you tried to post on a Page, it will be shown very small on the left side of the page and will likely be seen by no one except the owner of the page.

Since the Page was created first, there were way more people on it than were in the Group.  That is still the case to this day but this morning, we put the page as “UNPUBLISHED” where it cannot be seen.  It is our desire that eventually everyone will make it over to the Facebook Group.  The Facebook Group is set to “Closed” status meaning that you have to join to be able to read it.  This is not to exclude anyone.  Anyone can click the “JOIN” button and all will be approved.  If someone does not want to join the group, they can just go to this blog to read updates. This blog will continue to be updated as it is the main location for posting information.  Facebook is only there because people are more likely to post announcements or questions to a Facebook page than they are to post to a blog.  I am not sure why but that tends to be the case.

If you have any questions that you wish to ask privately such as connect and disconnect codes, please send an email to club [at]  Just enter the email address the correct way with the @ sign and not with the [at]. This is done to prevent bots from harvesting email addresses.

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