146.7 MHz Issues

A couple days ago, K5GLH and W5QO were talking on the 146.7 MHz repeater when they noticed the signal coming back from the repeater was intermittently weak and was preceded by static.  Later, K5GLH received an email from a user saying they experienced the same thing while connected to an IRLP node.  At first we thought it was a fluke but now it is clear there is a cold solder joint or possibly a pot that has some connectivity issues on the power amplifier.

We have not had a chance to check it out yet but we just wanted to let everyone know that we are aware of the problem.  We do have backup repeaters to use when we get a few minutes to swap them out.  Keep in mind, the backup repeaters have different courtesy tones set on them so you’ll know when the backup is being used. You can still use the repeater but just be aware that if the other person doesn’t come back to you or you stop hearing courtesy tones, that you are experiencing this issue.

We have family here so we are not able to get to it immediately. We appreciate your patience and we’ll get to it as soon as we have some time.

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